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Swarnrekha Group Of Institute has firm believe in quality education , and books , journals , research and papers are quintessential for the same. All the units of S.G.I have developed state of art library infrastructure with more than 20,000 books in-house and journals regularly updated.

The books are from all genres from arts to science and essentially the group takes pride to house old priceless manuscripts rarely available , including costly books of pharmacy and medical sciences.

The books are available for students, staff, faculties and anyone who is willing to dive in vast source of knowledge.

The automated Library uses computerization for circulation of books and browsing of some journals. A user is provided with bar-coded Library Card. The entire book collection is bar-coded . The institute provides Reading Facility Borrowing Facility, Reference Services,  Inter Library Loan, Binding Facility and Laminating Facility.

Library Hours- Open on all days , except institute holidays.

                        Monday  to  Saturday 9 : 00 A.M to 6 : 00 P.M.

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